100 TOP Real Time CakePHP Interview Questions and Answers pdf download

Read the most frequently asked 100 top CakePHP interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf

CakePHP Interview Questions and Answers List


CakePHP Interview Questions and Answers pdf

CakePHP Interview Questions and Answers pdf

1 What is CakePHP?
Ans. CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development framework for PHP. It’s a foundational structure for programmers to create web applications. There is number of in built component like Ajax, RequestHandler, Session etc

2 What are are drawbacks of cakephp.
Ans. The learning curve, and it loads full application before it starts your task. Its not recommended for small projects because of its resource heavy structure.

3 What is MVC (model, view, and controller) in cakephp?
Ans. Model–view–controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern used in software engineering.
Model: Databases function exist in the model
View: Design parts written here
Controller: Business Login

4 What is the name of Cakephp database configuration file name and its location?
Ans. Default file name is database.php.default.
Its located in “/app/config/database.php.defaut”

5 What are component, helper and why are they used?
Ans. A component is an independent piece of code written for specific task that can be used(Eg Email, Ajax, RequestHandler and Session).
A helper is used for helping cakephp in rendering the data to be shown to user with views(Eg Form, HTML etc).

6 What are commonly used components of cakephp?
ACL(Access control lists)
MVC architecture
Built-in validations

7 What is default function and default controller of cakephp which is called automatically?
Ans. Default controller is indexController.php and Default function is index.

8 How cakephp URL looks in address bar?
Ans. http://example.com/controller/action/param1/param2/param3

9 Why cakephp have two vendor folder?
Ans. There is two vendor folder, one folder in root and another is in “app” folder

10 List some database related functions in cakephp.
Ans. find, findAll, findAllBy, findBy, findNeighbours and query.

11 List some of the features in Cakephp
Ans. Following are some feature of Cakephp.
MVC architecture
Built-in validations

12 Can you remember what is the directory structure when you download cakephp?
Ans. app/
o config/
o controllers/
o models/
o plugins/
o tmp/
o vendors/
o views/
o webroot/
* cake/
o config/
o docs/
o libs/
* vendors/

13 List some of the features in Cakephp.
1. Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
2. MVC architecture
3. Built-in validations
4. Caching
5. scaffolding

14 What is the naming convention in cakephp?
Ans. Table names are plural and lowercased,model names are singular and CamelCased: ModelName, model filenames are singular and underscored: model_name.php, controller names are plural and CamelCased with *Controller* appended: ControllerNamesController, controller filenames are plural and underscored with *controller* appended: controller_names_controller.php,

15 How can we use ajax in cakephp?
Ans. By calling ajax helper and then using it in controller for rendering.

16 What is a component, helper and why are they used, is there other way we can do same thing, what is better.
Ans. A component is an independent piece of code written for specific task that can be used by calling in controllers (example : email component), helper is used for helping cakephp in rendering the data to be shown to user with views, these only adds to modularity in code otherwise same coding can be implemented in conrollers.

17 If you have to validate a registration module for a user, what all can be possible ways , which one is the best?
Ans. can be done on submission in controller, or using javascript/ajax while user is still filling the data. second option is better.

18 How can you include a javascript menu throughout the site. Give steps.
Ans. By adding the javascript files in webroot and call them in default views if needed everywhere or just in the related veiws.

19 What is a Component in cakephp?
Ans. Components are packages of logic that are shared between controllers. They are useful when a common logic or code is required between different controllers.

20 What are commonly used components of cakephp?
1. Security
2. Sessions
3. Access control lists
4. Emails
5. Cookies
6. Authentication
7. Request handling

21 When CakePHP was developed?
Ans. Cake php started at april 2005.When a Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz wrote a minimal version of a Rapid Application Framework in PHP, dubbing it Cake. Cake php version 1.0 released in May 2006. (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CakePHP)

22 What is the current stable version of CakePHP?
Ans. 2.5.4 (at the time of writing this post) released on 2014-09-02.

23 What is server requirements for CakePHP?
Ans. Here are the requirements for setting up a server to run CakePHP:
An HTTP server (like Apache) with the following enabled: sessions, mod_rewrite (not absolutely necessary but preferred)
PHP 4.3.2 or greater. Yes, CakePHP works great in either PHP 4 or 5.
A database engine (right now, there is support for MySQL 4+, PostgreSQL and a wrapper for ADODB).

24 How to install CakePHP?
Ans. There are below steps to follow:
step1: Go to cakephp.org and download the latest version of cakephp.
step2: Cakephp comes in a .zip file,so unzip it.
step3: Extract the files in the localhost in the desired folder (for example:cakephp).
step4: Open the browser and run the URL localhost/cakephp
step5: Just Follow the instructions display on the page.

25 Which is the first file that gets loaded when you run a application using cakephp? Can you change that file?
Ans. bootstrap.php is the file which is loaded first when application run. Yes, it can be changed either through index.php or .htaccess.

26 What is the use of Security.salt and Security.cipherSeed in Cakephp? How to change its default value?
Ans. The Security.salt is used for generating hashes. We can change the default Security.salt value in /app/Config/core.php. And the Security.cipherseed is used for encrypt/decrypt strings. We can change the default Security.cipherSeed value by editing /app/Config/core.php.

27 What is Scaffolding in Cakephp? How to add Scaffolding in your application?
Ans. Scaffolding is a technique that allows a developer to define and create a basic application that can create, retrieve, update and delete objects. To add scaffolding to your application, just add the $scaffold variable in the controller.
Assuming you’ve created Post model class file (in /app/Model/post.php), you’re ready to go. Visit http://example.com/posts to see your new scaffold.

28 What is a Helper? What are commonly used helpers of cakephp?
Ans. Helpers in CakePHP are associated with Presentation layers of application. Helpers mainly contain presentational logic which is available to share between many views, elements, or layouts.
Below are the helpers which is used in cakephp:

29 What is a Behavior?
Ans. Behaviors in CakePHP are associated with Models. Behaviors are used to change the way models behaves and enforcing model to act as something else.

30 What is the difference between Component, Helper, Behavior?
Ans. Component is a Controller extension, Helpers are View extensions, Behavior is a Model Extension.

31 What is a Element?
Ans. Element in cakephp are smaller and reusable bits of view code. Elements are usually rendered inside views.

32 What is a layout?
Ans. Layout in cakephp are used to display the views that contain presentational code. In simple views are rendered inside a layout.

33 How to set layout in the controller?
Ans. var $layout = ‘layout_name’; to overwrite for a specific action use below code in that action $this->layout =”layout_name”;

34 How to include helpers in controller?
Ans. public $helpers = array(‘Form’, ‘Html’, ‘Js’, ‘Time’); to in specific action use below code in that action $this->helper[] =”helper_name”;

35 How to include components in controller?
Ans. public $components = array(‘Emails’, ‘ImageUploader’, ‘Sms’);

36 How to write, read and delete the Session in cakephp?
$this->Session->write(‘MysessionVar’, ‘MysessionVal’);

37 What is the use of $this->set();
Ans. The set() method is used for creating a variable in the view file. For Example, if we write, $this->set(‘posts’,$posts); in controller fie, then the variable $posts will be available to use in the view template file for that action.

38 Which methods are used to create and destroy model associations on the fly?
Ans. The bindModel() and unbindModel() Model methods are used to create and destroy model associations on the fly.

39 What is the use of requestAction method?
Ans. The method requestAction is used to call a controller’s action from any location and returns data from the action.

40 What is the default extension of view files in cakephp? Can we change it? If Yes then how?
Ans. The default extension of view files is ‘.ctp’. Yes we can change it by writing public $ext = ‘.yourext’; in AppController. If you want to change it for particular controller then add it into that controller only. You can also change it for the specific action of the controller by putting it in that action of controller.

public $ext = ‘.yourext’; in AppController
– you can change all the views extentions.

public $ext = ‘.yourext’; in specific controller like, PostsController
– you can change all the views extentions of PostsController.

public $ext = ‘.yourext’; in specific controller action like, index()
– you can change the view extention of index.ctp

Note: You cannot specify multiple extensions, however it seems like there is a fall back to .ctp if no .php file is found.

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99 TOP Real Time BlackBerry Questions and Answers pdf download

Read the most frequently asked 100 top BlackBerry interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf

BlackBerry Interview Questions and Answers List

BlackBerry Questions and Answers

BlackBerry Questions and Answers

1. In what situation would you need to have a debug token installed for you to be able to load debug applications?
A. To run or debug unassigned applications
B. Installing release builds
C. Both of these
D. Neither of these
Ans: A

2. Consider the following in C++: namespace myNamespace { int a; int b; } How would the main part of the program access myNamespace variable a?
A. myNamespace::a
B. myNamespace:a
C. myNamespace.a
D. a
Ans: A

3. What must users utilize to bring their headless apps associated UIs to the foreground?
A. The app service.
B. The UI service.
C. The foreground service.
D. The notification service.
Ans: D

4. Why must an object id value always be unique within a single component?
A. Object ids don’t have to be unique.
B. Because object ids are referred from anywhere within the component in which it is declared.
C. Because object ids are referred from external components in which it is declared.
D. Because object ids are deleted from within the component in which it is declared.
Ans: B

5. In order to use the functionality that the Image API offers, you must do what?
A. Use the available methods in your code
B. Import the Image.h header file
C. Include the io/io.h header file
D. Use io.open() and io.close() to open and close an input string
Ans: D

6. An instant messaging client is an example of what kind of app?
A. A headless, long-running app.
B. A headed, long-running app.
C. A headless, short-running app.
D. A headed, short-running app.
Ans: A

7. Within a signal handler, what does JavaScript determine?
A. It determines what your app will do in response to a sub-element.
B. It determines what your app will do in response to a signal.
C. It determines what your app will do in response to an object.
D. It determines what your app will do in response to an element.
Ans: B

8. If you need your app to continue running despite it not being visible, what permissions must be changed in what file?
A. The run_when_backgrounded parameter must be changed in the bar-descriptor.xml file.
B. The run_when_backgrounded parameter must be changed in the bar.xml file.
C. The when_backgrounded parameter must be changed in the bar-descript.xml file.
D. The run_backgrounded parameter must be changed in the descriptor.xml file.
Ans: A

9. When multiple properties are specified on a single line, what must they be separated by?
A. Comma
B. Semicolon
C. Hyphen
D. Colon
Ans: B

10. What control emits the clicked() signal?
A. Click
B. Button
C. Signal
D. Invoke
Ans: B

11. What function hides the page on the top of the stack, then removes it from the navigation stack and displaying the previous page again?
A. stack()
B. push()
C. pull()
D. pop()
Ans: D

12. Choose the C++ statement which declares a function with a default value for an argument.
A. void function(int a)
B. void myfunction(int a;a = 2)
C. void myfunction(int a)
D. void myfunction(int a=2)
Ans: D

13. What is the proper syntax for importing the geoMonitor.h header file?
A. include geoMonitor.h
B. #include
C. geoMonitor.h
D. #include geoMonitor.h
Ans: B

14. What is required of id syntax?
A. It must must begin with an upper-case letter or an underscore, and only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
B. It must must begin with a roman numeral or an underscore, and only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
C. It must must begin with a number or an underscore, and only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
D. It must must begin with a lower-case letter or an underscore, and only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
Ans: D

15. In the Momentics IDE, what is the difference between a workspace and a perspective?
A. A workspace is a collection of projects whereas a perspective is a layout of views in the IDE
B. A perspective is a collection of projects whereas a workspace is a layout of views in the IDE
C. A perspective and a workspace refer to the same thing
D. A perspective lives outside the IDE whereas a workspace lives inside an IDE
Ans: A

16. What does ComponentDefinition represent?
A. An imperative way to create dynamic components in QML.
B. A unique way to invoke rootContainer.
C. A method for placing calls within a single container.
D. A unique way to use ControlDelegate to load QML.
Ans: A

17. When adding a comment, what must the line start with?
A. //
B. “
C. ||
D. \\
Ans: A

18. Which of the following are examples of UI controls?
A. Page, Contractor, Button, List
B. Page, Container, Button, Label
C. Port, Container, Button, Label
D. Purge, Maintainer, Button, Label
Ans: B

19. What is the syntax for signal declaration?
A. Q_SIGNALS: void textChanged(QString text);
B. void: textChanged(QString text); Q_SIGNALS
C. Q_SIGNALS: void (QString text)textChanged;
D. (QString text)Q_SIGNALS: void textChanged;
Ans: A

20. How do you put your phone into Development mode?
A. Settings > Blackberry ID > Development Mode
B. Settings > Blackberry Project > Development Mode
C. Settings > Blackberry Bridge > Development Mode
D. Settings > Security > Development Mode
Ans: D

21. Which C++ statement assigns to variable a the address of variable b?
A. a = *b;
B. a = &b;
C. a = “b;
D. a = b;
Ans: B

22. Which of the following are property types that QML supports?
A. cos, real, sin, strung
B. ing, read, boot, strong
C. int, real, bool, string
D. ins, read, book, strap
Ans: C

23. Select the correct statement about the Model and the View features.
A. The Model holds the raw data and does not worry about the display, whereas the View is responsible for rendering the data on the display
B. Neither the View and the Model are responsible for rendering the data on the display
C. Both the View and the Model are responsible for rendering the data on the display
D. The View holds the raw data and does not worry about the display, whereas the Model is responsible for rendering the data on the display
Ans: A

24. When a property is set to relative, what happens to the child object value when the parent value is changed?
A. It is deleted.
B. It is updated automatically.
C. Nothing happens.
D. The child object generates more child objects.
Ans: B

25. What is one way that properties are specified?
A. One-per-line.
B. One-per-page.
C. One-per-unit.
D. Two-per-line.
Ans: A

26. When a CheckBox control’s check state signal changes, what signal does it emit?
A. checkedChanged()
B. “(checkedChanged)”
C. Changed()checked
D. ‘checkChanged()’
Ans: A

27. True or False? An AutoConnection will automatically detect if the slot is in an object on another thread and make the queued connection.
A. True
Ans: A

28. What are JavaScript expressions used for within the QML language?
A. They are used to assign property ids.
B. They are used to assign object values.
C. They are used to assign property values.
D. They are used to assign element values.
Ans: C

29. What is Cascades?
A. A set of QML standards
B. A portion of BlackBerry’s Native SDK
C. Slang for CSS
D. APIs that BlackBerry provides to help developers produce functional UIs out of the box
Ans: D

30. How would you declare a pointer which has no type in C++?
A. int * data;
B. void * data;
C. null * data;
D. void data;
Ans: B

31. Which of the following is not a correctly written id value?
A. id_1
B. idvalue_1
C. ID:_1
D. text1
Ans: C

32. Why is it important to use comment marks within QML syntax?
A. Comment marks tell the compiler to stop processing data.
B. Comments must be marked appropriately so the compiler can tell the difference between your comments and your code.
C. Comment marks tell the compiler to stop processing data and start at the beginning.
D. Comment marks tell the compiler to add the comments into the compiling of the program.
Ans: B

33. When creating a member function that needs to function as a slot, what section must you place the function declaration?
A. It must be placed in the public slots: section.
B. It must be placed in the private slots: section.
C. It must concatenate the public slots: section.
D. It must be routed to the public slots: section.
Ans: A

34. Choose the best description of the following configuration: Dialog* pMyDialog = Dialog::create() .content(Container::create()) .onClosed(this, SLOT(onClosedHandler()) .open();
A. Defining a Slot in QML
B. Defining a Dialog in QML
C. Defining a Dialog in Javascript
D. Defining a Dialog in C++
Ans: D

35. The _______ file is the main piece of the UI (the root of the visualization of the program).
A. App.cpp
B. App.qml
C. Main.cpp
D. Main.qml
Ans: D

36. True or False? You can only debug on a simulator.
B. False
Ans: B

37. What is the correct order when setting up an event que for requesting and listening for events?
A. Use any service at any time, Listen for events, Start the library, Request events to flow into the event queue
B. Request events to flow into the event queue, Start the library, Use any service at any time, Listen for events
C. Listen for events, Use any service at any time, Request events to flow into the event queue, Start the library
D. Start the library, Request events to flow into the event queue, Use any service at any time, Listen for events
Ans: D

38. What static function do you use to connect a signal to a slot with C++?
A. object;;connect()
B. QObject::connect()
C. Qbject::connecter()”
D. Qobject;:connect()}
Ans: B

39. When adding multiple comments, what must be at the beginning and end of the line?
A. */ at the beginning, and /* at the end.
B. || at the beginning, and || at the end.
C. “ at the beginning, and “ at the end.
D. /* at the beginning, and */ at the end.
Ans: D

40. Which of the following can QML access from C++?
A. Only slots and signals
B. Functions, slots, signals and properties
C. Only functions and slots
D. Only signals and properties
Ans: B

41. Which of the following are examples of headless, short-running apps?
A. Post-directed SOS message receivers, fine-grained location trackers, or uploaders.
B. Port-directed SMS message receivers, coarse-grained location trackers, or downloaders.
C. Part-directed SNS message receptors, coarse-grained location tricklers, or downloaders.
D. Data-directed MSM message receivers, fine-grained location trackers, or downloaders.
Ans: B

42. Given the following code sample in C++: catch(…) { cout << “exception”;}. What do the ellipses indicate? A. Both of these B. The handler will only catch int exceptions C. The handler will catch any type of error thrown D. None of these Ans: C 43. Which of the following is a property that is relative to another property? A. color: “yellow” B. height: 300 C. width: parent.width – 50 D. width: 300 Ans: C 44. When one class is derived from another in C++, what is inherited from the base class? A. The Friends B. All of these C. The Destructor D. The Constructor Ans: B 45. Which of the following operators allow you to define the member functions of a class outside the class in C++? A. , B. % C. :: D. ? Ans: C 46. Which of the following is an example of an AbstractPane A. NavigationPane B. All of these are examples of an AbstractPane C. TabbedPane D. Page Ans: B 47. How many slots can a signal be connected to? A. 5 B. 3 C. 1 D. There is no limit Ans: D 48. Which of the following is NOT a component of the Qt toolkit? A. Qt Network module B. All of these are part of the toolkit C. Qt Media module D. Qt Core Ans: B 49. Consider this code fragment in C++: a = 25; b = &a; What does b equal? A. address of b B. value contained in the address of a C. address of a D. 25 Ans: C 50. If you press and hold an item that has Context Actions on it, which of the following will happen? A. None of these B. It will revel a compressed menu C. It will reveal a full menu D. It will not reveal a menu Ans: B 51. Which macros should accompany the connect() parameter? A. The INVOKE() and SLOT() macros. B. The SIGN() and BUTTON() macros. C. The SIGNAL() and STOP() macros. D. The SIGNAL() and SLOT() macros. Ans: D 52. Select the statement that is true. A. Only the Action Overflow menu can come in full and compressed states B. Neither the Tab Overflow menu and the Action Overflow menu can come in both full and compressed states C. Both the Tab Overflow menu and the Action Overflow menu can come in full and compressed states D. Only the Tab Overflow menu can come in full and compressed states Ans: C 53. Is it possible to write an app entirely in QML as opposed to C++? A. No. All apps must be written in C++. B. No. C. No, all apps must be written in QML. D. Yes, though there is some inherent C++ code that is provided when creating a new Cascades project in the Momentics IDE. Ans: D 54. In regard to C++, the first-class containers in the STL include: A. set, multiset, map, multimap B. Sequence containers, Associative containers, Container adapters C. vector, deque, list, set, multiset, map, multimap D. vector, deque, list Ans: C 55. What is the following QML code sample do? signal mySignal(float value, bool enabled) A. Imports a signal from the mySignal class. B. Creates a button C. Creates a signal with two parameters D. Retrieves an event Ans: C 56. Which of the following is a way to properly create a password field in QML? A. ListField{ id:password inputMode: TextFieldInputMode } B. TextField{ id:password inputMode: TextFieldInputMode.Password } C. textField->setInputMode(bb::cascades::TextFieldInputMode::Password);
D. textField->setInputMode(bb::core::TextFieldInputMode::Password);
Ans: B

57. If you wanted to develop Cascade applications, which of the following applications would you NOT need to use?
B. Java
C. C++
D. Javascript
Ans: B

58. If the value of a slider changes, what signal is emitted by the Slider control?
A. ValueChanged()immediate
B. ValueChanged()
C. immediateValue()
D. immediateValueChanged()
Ans: D

59. How are JavaScript inline functions added to QML elements?
A. They are added as units.
B. They are added as functions.
C. They are added as methods.
D. They are added as objects.
Ans: A

60. The BBM Social Platform uses a(n) ____ programming model.
A. event driven
B. threads
C. object oriented
D. procedural
Ans: A

61. Which of the following is not a field that messages can include?
A. data
B. subject
C. body
D. sender
Ans: A

61. When your QML property is type-safe, what must be matched with the property type?
A. Its hierarchy.
B. Its ranking.
C. The value.
D. Its inheritance.
Ans: C

62. Which of the following properly displays the syntax to import JavaScript code into the temperature conversion app?
A. import TemperatureFunctions.convertTemp(tempInport.t
B. TemperatureFunctions.convertTemp(tempInport.t
C. import “tempFunctions.js” as TemperatureFunctions
D. import tempFunctions.js as “TemperatureFunctions”
Ans: C

63. Which of the following is NOT a perspective in the Momentics IDE?
A. QML System Information perspective
B. QNX System Information perspective
C. Debug perspective
D. QML Editing perspective
Ans: A

64. Which of the following is NOT true about Cascades?
A. It provides the look and feel for Blackberry
B. It is a replacement for the Qt Quick
C. It provides advanced placement management of components
D. It does NOT use QML
Ans: B

65. When a property has be declared as a default property, what can be done to the property tag?
A. It must be replaced with a new tag.
B. It can be omitted.
C. It needs a secondary child property tag similar to its default property tag.
D. You must set up new property tags.
Ans: B

66. By default, long-running headless apps have a short run time. What permissions must be changed to extend their run time?
A. The _sys_headed_nostop permissions.
B. The _sys_headless_nostop permissions.
C. The _sms_headless_nonstop permissions.
D. The _sjs_head_stop permissions.
Ans: B

67. Once you have created an object, when is it necessary to change its id?
A. It is necessary to change its id before runtime binding.
B. The id must be changed at compile time.
C. You must change it before you cycle the app for the first time.
D. It is never necessary and cannot be changed.
Ans: D

68. Which of the following is NOT true about the QString Qt class?
A. Does not work with QChar
B. It allows access to individual characters
C. It can be initialized with UTF16 character array
Ans: A

69. What type of exceptions will the following C++ function throw: int myfunction (int a) throw();?
A. Int
B. All
C. None
Ans: C

70. The acronym PPG stands for:
A. Platform Proxy Gateway
B. Push Payload Gateway
C. Push Proxy Gateway
D. Proxy Push Gateway
Ans: C

71. The frame around the display area of the screen is called what?
A. Device canvas.
B. Device bezel.
C. Devise easel.
D. Device box.
Ans: B

72. What trait should signals have if you want to provide simple interactions in your apps?
A. They should be sanitized.
B. They should be predefined.
C. They should be encapsulated.
D. They should be sandboxed.
Ans: B

73. Which of the following is not a step in loading a QML document from C++?
A. QObject::setProperty()
B. Application::setScene()
C. QmlDocument::create()
D. QmlDocument::createRootObject()
Ans: A

74. True or False? The MOC can’t convert macros defined by Qt into C++ code.
A. False
Ans: A

75. Which of the following Core Qt classes does NOT use implicit sharing?
A. QObject
B. QString
C. QList
D. QImage
Ans: A

76. Which of the following lines of code are depicting an attached property?
A. (“Width has changed to:”, width)onWidthChanged: console.log
B. (“Right mouse button pressed”)console.log
C. onWidthChanged: console.log(“Width has changed to:”, width)
D. color: ListView.isCurrentItem ? “red” : “blue”
Ans: D

77. If you wanted to connect a smoke detector and sprinkler system, what would logically be the syntax for its slot?
A. ()))SLOT(dispenseWater
B. SLOT(signalWater()))
C. (dispenseWater()))SLOT
D. SLOT(dispenseWater()))
Ans: D

78. When an application does not have permission to run in the background the application lifecycle includes the ____ ____.
A. Background State
B. Foreground State
C. Terminal State
D. Stopped State
Ans: D

79. Why is it important to not allow untrusted data to be appended when using the QScriptEngine class?
A. The new content might affect the performance of scripts
B. The class is not equipped to handle appended data and this could result in a fatal error
C. This could compromise your data model
D. The untrusted data could result in malicious activity
Ans: D

80. Objects within QML are specified by what?
A. They are specified by their type.
B. They are specified by their shape.
C. They are specified by their value.
D. They are specified by their order.
Ans: A

81. Of the following, which is a properly written property value?
A. (height: (50 + 22))
B. height: 50 + 22
C. Height: {50 + 22}
D. height= 50 + 22
Ans: B

82. In C++, can you use the same signal handlers for predefined signals that you use in QML?
A. Yes. You must first connect the signal to an existing slot of another class, then define your own slot to handle the signal.
B. No.
C. No. You must either connect the signal to an existing slot of another class, or define your own slot to handle the signal.
D. Yes.
Ans: C

83. When the following code is added to the .pro file, what does it do? LIBS += -lbbplatform
A. Adds different platform features to your app
B. Adds necessary all libraries
C. Links header files
D. Links classes

Ans: D

84. Where does the compiler first look for file.h in the following C++ directive: #include “file.h” ?
A. None of thee
B. The same directory that includes the file containing the directive
C. In the default directories where it is configured to look for the standard header files
D. In all directories specified by the PATH environment variable on the machine
Ans: B

85. The class QAbstractEventDispatcher is apart of the QTCore. The QAbstractEventDispatcher Interface to manage QT’s ___ ___.
A. event queque
B. object events
C. change events
D. event dispatcher
Ans: A

86. The QTSql Module contains the QSqlClassRelation class. What does this class do?
A. It stores information about an SQL foreign key
B. It stores information about an SQL foreign key
C. It is an editable data model for a single database table
D. It’s the base class for SQL driver factories
Ans: B

87. What is the maximum number of items that can be contained within an Application menu
A. 10
B. 5
C. There is no limit
D. 3
Ans: B

88. Below is the default property of the Dialog control. Please select the true statement: Page { attachedObjects: [ Dialog { Container { Button {} Button {} } } ] }
A. A control added inside the Dialog will not automatically be assigned to the content property
B. This property needs to be explicitly declared in the QML
C. This property does NOT need to be explicitly declared in the QML
D. None of these
Ans: C

89. Which layouts allow objects to overlap?
A. Dock layout
B. Absolute layout
C. Stack layout
D. Dock and Absolute layout
Ans: C

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99 TOP Real Time Apache Flex Questions and Answers pdf download

Read the most frequently asked 100 top Apache Flex interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf

Apache Flex Interview Questions and Answers List


100 top Apache Flex interview questions

100 top Apache Flex interview questions

1. True or False? You can apply skins to components using CSS.
A. True
Ans: A

2. How will you call Java method from Flex?
A. Httpservice
B. RemoteObject
C. Above all
D. MessageService
E. Crossdomain
Ans: B

3. True or False? You CANNOT load a compiled Flex application (.swf) into another Flex application.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

4. What is the file extension of a compiled Flex project?
A. .css
B. .swf
C. .flv
D. .fla
Ans: B

5. What is the name of the scripting language used with Flex?
A. ActionScript
B. NoScript
C. JavaScript
Ans: A

6. MVC is a useful Flex development pattern. What does MVC stand for?
A. Model-View-Controller
B. Modem-Vista-Cairngorm
C. Most Valuable Customer
D. Most VGroup Containers
Ans: A

7. Flex 4 introduced a new skinning and component architecture known as what?
B. Spark
C. Halo
D. Flash
Ans: B

8. True of False? You can use regular expressions to validate data.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

9. What method is used to register an event handler for a component?
A. startEventListener()
B. addEventListener()
C. beginEventListener()
D. registerEventListener()
Ans: B

10. True or False? Display objects created with MXML tags are automatically added to the display list.
A. True
Ans: A

11. What is the application container for an AIR application?
A. VGroup
B. Group
C. Application
D. WindowedApplication
Ans: D

12. Which is not a container type?
A. Application
B. Panel
C. Group
D. Array
Ans: D

13. How do you declare an actionscript private variable?
A. private var variableName:variableType
B. var variableType:variableName
C. var variableType variableName
Ans: A

14. When do you use try..catch..finnaly statements?
A. On customs events
B. On functions definitions
C. On customs classes
D. On error handling
Ans: D

15. True or False? ActionScript is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language.
B. True
Ans: B

16. True or False? The Flex pop up component can be modal or no modal.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

17. Which tag enables you to enter ActionScript blocks inside an MXML file?
Ans: D

18. True or False? Flex is an open source application development framework.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

19. Which property should have the same value for all radio buttons in a radio button group?
A. groupName
B. label
C. id
D. click
Ans: A

20. Where do you declare non-visual MXML elements in a flex component or application?
A. Inside tag
B. Inside tag
C. Inside tag
D. Inside tag
Ans: A

21. True or False? You can compile an AIR application as native installers (.exe,.dmg, .deb)
A. False
B. True
Ans: B

22. How do you remove a pop up using PopUpManager?
A. PopUpManager.deletePopUp(‘popUpComponent’)
B. PopUpManager.removePopUp(‘popUpComponent’)
C. PopUpManager.closePopUp(‘popUpComponent’)
D. PopUpManager.destroyPopUp(‘popUpComponent’)
Ans: B

23. Which of the following containers allow you to position components using x,y, coordinates?
A. Group
B. TileGroup
C. HGroup
D. VGroup
Ans: A

24. Apache Flex is a top level Apache Software Foundation project?
A. False
B. True
Ans: B

25. The tree of all visible objects in a Flex application is known as what?
A. Container
B. Object
C. Class
D. Display list
Ans: D

26. When is it better to use E4X specification?
A. When working with XML
B. When working with binary data
C. When working with HTML responses
D. When working with JSon objects
Ans: A

27. What event is dispatched when a component and its children are fully processed and visible?
A. applicationComplete
B. initialize
C. creationComplete
D. preinitialize
Ans: C

28. RIAs stands for:
A. Regular Internet Applications
B. Recursive Internal Applications
C. Rich Internet Applications
D. Rich Intranet Applications
Ans: C

29. What is a SWC file?
A. Flex project file.
B. Class library containing components and other assets.
C. File used to specify compiler options.
D. Compiled Flex application.
Ans: B

30. All user interface components in Flex extend what class?
A. Sprite
B. UIComponent
C. Bitmap
D. InteractiveObject
Ans: B

31. Which of the following allows you to refer to the top-level application object from anywhere in the application?
A. FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication
B. FlexGlobals.parentApplication
C. UIComponent.topLevelApplication
D. UIComponent.parentApplication
Ans: A

32. Which class lets you work directly with the pixels of a Bitmap object?
A. BitmapDataChannel
B. Bitmap
C. BitmapEncodingColorSpace
D. BitmapData
Ans: D

33. Which Spark class is used to specify absolute positioning for the children of a container?
A. TileLayout
B. BasicLayout
C. VerticalLayout
D. HorizontalLayout
Ans: B

34. When you add a new display object with ActionScript, it will not be displayed until you do what?
A. Create a custom event to display the object.
B. Load the object into the application.
C. Add an event listener for the object.
D. Add the new object as a child of a container.
Ans: D

35. If you want to take a user’s text input and redisplay it as a date, which type of component should you use?
A. collection
B. validator
C. formatter
D. grid
Ans: C

36. Which of the following is not a Drop Target Event?
A. dragOver
B. dragDrop
C. dragEnter
D. mouseDown
Ans: A

37. True or False? MXML is interpreted by browsers in much the same way as HTML.
A. False
Ans: A

38. What can you use to pass variables into a .swf application from the HTML wrapper?
A. FlashParams
C. FlashVars
D. ParamObjs
Ans: C

39. What is the mechanism included in AIR to manipulate data from a data base file?
A. SQLServer
B. SQLLite
Ans: B

40. An Apache Flex committer CAN
A. Commit code to the Apache Flex Git repository
B. Vote in new Apache Flex PMC members
C. Cast binding votes on an Apache Flex release candidate
D. Vote in new Apache Flex committers
Ans: A

41. In order to create in inline item render you must place what inside of the tag?
Ans: B

42. Where do you have to place a cross-domain-policy file?
A. At the root directory of your application
B. At the root directory of the server
C. At the libs directory of your application
D. There’s no such thing as cross-domain-policy file
Ans: B

43. True or False? Flex applications allow deep linking.
A. False
B. True
Ans: B

44. How do you become an Apache Flex committer?
A. Contribute to discussions on the mailing lists
B. All of the other answers
C. Voted in by the Apache Flex PMC
D. Add JIRA entries and patches
E. Contribute to the wiki or web site
Ans: B

45. The third and final phase of Flex event flow is known as what?
A. listening
B. target
C. capture
D. bubbling
Ans: D

46. Which tag is used to declare non-default, non-visual properties of the current class?
Ans: D

47. Which is an example of two-way binding?
A. <s:TextInput=”@someData”>
D. <s:TextInput=”{someData}”/ >
Ans: B

48. Which of the following statements would allow you to access the MouseEvent class?
A. import flash.events.*;
B. import flash.events.mouse;
C. include “allevents.as”;
D. import spark.events;
Ans: A

49. If you want a class property to be visible to references in the same class and derived classes, which attribute should you assign it?
A. protected
B. static
C. public
D. private
Ans: A

50. Which of the following is the RPC service used to connect to Java objects?
A. HTTPObjects
B. WebServices
C. RemoteObjects
D. HTTPServices
Ans: C

51. If the use-network compiler option is set to false, which of the following can the application do?
A. Access resources in the local file system, but not over the network.
B. Access resources over the network, but not in the local file system.
C. Access no resources in the local file system or over the network.
D. Access resources both in the local file system and over the network.
Ans: A

52. What are the three (3) RCP services allowed in flex?
A. HTTPService, RemoteService, WebService
B. HTTPService, RemoteObject, SOAPService
C. HTTPService, RemoteService, SOAPService
D. HTTPService, RemoteObject, WebService
Ans: D

53. If the current view state is not specified when an application loads, what is the default view state?
A. No default state.
B. Name of the first view state defined by the tag.
C. Name of the last view state defined by the tag.
D. View state when the application was last closed.
Ans: B

54. Who has access to Apache Flex code base?
A. Apache Flex committers
B. Apache staff
C. Apache Flex PMC
D. Anyone
E. Adobe staff
Ans: D

55. How do you accomplish data persistence in a Flex client?
A. Using
B. Using shared objects
C. Using
D. Using cookies
Ans: B

56. Which method would you use to add a component to an MX container?
A. addComponent()
B. addElement()
C. addChild()
D. addNew()
Ans: C

57. True or False? Flex directly supports database operations.
A. True
B. True but only when using AIR
C. False
Ans: B

58. If you want to apply a wipe effect and a resize effect in parallel, what should you use to group them together?
A. Transition
B. Filter
C. Container
D. Group
Ans: A

59. Which of the following graphics formats can be use as a Flex Component?
Ans: B

60. If you want users to be able to enter and edit multiline text, which of these Spark controls should you use?
A. RichText
B. TextArea
C. TextInput
D. Label
Ans: B

61. To prevent an application to be blocked when working with local database, you must:
A. open the database in Asynchronous mode
B. open the database in Synchronous mode
Ans: A

62. The phase order of the event flow in flex is:
A. Target-Bubbling-Capture
B. Capture-Target-Bubbling
C. Target-Capture-Bubbling
D. Bubbling-Capture-Target
Ans: B

63. To implement a two way binding of a text property you would use:
A. text=”{@filedX.text}”
B. text=”[@fieldX.text]”
C. text=”@[fieldX.text]”
D. text=”@{fieldX.text}”
Ans: D

64. Which application property allows you to specify the XML namespace for a custom component package?
A. xmlspace
B. namespace
C. xmlnamespace
D. xmlns
Ans: D

65. Sort event phases in order, from first to last
A. Capture, Bubble, Target
B. Capture, Target, Bubble
C. Bubble, Capture, Target
D. Target, Capture, Bubble
Ans: B

66. How do you set a style property using a Class Selector style in a flex component
A. styleName=”classSelector”
B. classStyle=”classSelector”
C. style=”.classSelector”
D. style=”classSelector”
Ans: A

67. What is the latest released version of Flex SDK?
A. 3.5
B. 4.12.1
C. 4.6
D. 4.9.5
Ans: B

68. What license is Apache Flex released under?
A. Adobe Open Source License
B. Apache License 2.0
C. Creative Commons
D. MIT License
E. General Public License (GPL)
Ans: B

69. Where do you define the resource bundles for your application?
A. Inside tag
B. Inside tag
C. Inside tag
D. Inside tag
Ans: D

70. In the Flex global coordinate system, coordinates are relative to the upper left corner of what?
A. Container
B. Component
C. Stage
D. Content
Ans: C

71. Where can you get variables that are global to all applications within the same ApplicationDomain?
A. Application.application
B. FlexGlobals
C. NativeApplication.nativeApplication
D. Globals
Ans: B

72. What is the name of the top-level object in the display list?
A. Stage
B. Group
C. Screen
D. Application
Ans: A

73. If you want to prevent a button from displaying in a specific view state, which of the button’s properties should you use?
A. hideButton
B. includeIn
C. visible
D. excludeFrom
Ans: D

74. What does Data Binding enable you to do?
A. Allows for the end user to manipulate data in real time
B. Helps insure stability when refactoring the application
C. Connect components to an underlying data model
D. Enables the user to create data tables
Ans: C

75. Where can’t you find the Apache Flex source code
A. Google Code
B. Apache Git repository
C. Apache Flex release
D. Apache Github mirror
Ans: A

76. True or False? You can declare constant properties as bindable.
A. False
B. True
Ans: A

77. Linux support was added in which version of Apache Flex?
A. 4.9.1
B. 4.10.0
C. 4.8
D. 4.9.0
Ans: B

78. Which mobile platforms allow Adobe Air apps?
A. Android, iOS, Blackberry 7
B. Android, Blackberry, WindowsPhone
C. Android, Blackberry 10, iOS
D. Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry Playbook
Ans: C

79. A labelFunction is:
A. A function that labels text in a data group
B. A function that gives a name to a group of data
C. A function that is used to determine the text to be rendered for each item in a list
D. A function that is used to assign the text to be associated with each item in a list
Ans: C

80. True or False? If you embed a graphic, it is loaded into your Flex application at runtime.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

81. Where do you define proxy service destination for working with web services and http services?
A. in proxy-config.xml
B. in messaging-config.xml file
C. in data-management-config.xml file
D. in remoting-config.xml file
Ans: A

82. Which is NOT a feature added in Apache Flex 4.11
A. Speed and other improvements to datagrid components
B. Over 50 bugs fixed
C. Experimental mobile datagrid component
D. MXML to Javascript compilation
E. 120dpi and 640dpi mobile skins
Ans: D

83. Which of the following is not a phase of a drag-and-drop operation?
A. Initializing
B. Inititating
C. Dragging
D. Dropping
Ans: A

84. How do you avoid “Warning: unable to bind property ‘x’ on class ‘x’ ?
A. By marking the class as [Bindable] with only getters
B. By marking the class as [Bindable] with only setters
C. By marking the class as [Bindable] with private properties
D. By marking the class as [Bindable] with getters and setters
Ans: D

85. Which of the following words is referred to as future reserved words?
A. Default
B. Throw
C. Continue
D. Synchronized
Ans: D

86. Which of the following components can be used to access server-side data from a REST web service?
A. HTTPService
B. RemoteObject
C. WebService
D. RESTService
Ans: A

87. How do you set the default state of a visual component?
A. setting currentState=””
B. setting currentState=”*”
C. setting currentState=”default”
D. setting currentState=”defaultState”
Ans: A

88. Which metadata tag Identifies a property that should be omitted from data that is sent to the server when an ActionScript object is mapped to a Java object using [RemoteClass] ?
A. [Omit]
B. [Transient]
C. [Exclude]
D. [ExcludeClass]
Ans: B

89. Where can you set a defaultButton property?
A. on Visual Componets
B. on Containers
Ans: B

90. True or False? remoting-config.xml has destinations defined for working with web services and http services.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

91. Which is true about the following sentence: [Bindable(event=”dataChanged”)] ?
A. The bindable property will be able to be dispatched on a dataChanged event
B. The bindable property will change when an event named dataChanged is dispatched.
C. The Flex compiler automaticaaly creates a propertyChangeEvent
Ans: B

92. Where can you use the mx:HTML component to display HTML in a Flex App?
A. On Adobe AIR TV Applications
B. On Adobe AIR Mobile Applications
C. All of these
D. On Adobe AIR Desktop Applications
Ans: D

93. If you define three events on a component and set their priority to 1,2 and 3 respectively. Which event will be handled first?
A. Event with priority 2
B. Event with priority 1
C. Event with priority 3
Ans: C

94. Which compiler option do you use to specify static linking?
A. runtime-shared-library-path
B. static-link-path
C. library-path
D. external-library-path
Ans: C

95. Which is not a feature added in Apache Flex 4.10.0?
A. Advanced telemetry support
B. ASC 2.0 compiler support
C. Over 200 bug fixes
D. New spark components
E. Datagrid row and column locking
Ans: B

96. How do you insert a “new line” inside a MXML text property?
A. /\n

C. \n
Ans: D

97. What’s the minimum version of Flash Player that Apache Flex 4.9.0, 4.9.1 or 4.10.0 supports?
A. 10.2
B. 11.8
C. 10.1
D. 11.1
E. 11.7
Ans: A

98. An Apache Flex PMC member CANNOT
A. Cast binding votes on an Apache Flex release candidate
B. Veto an Apache Flex release candidate
C. Vote -1 (veto) code checked into the Git repository
D. Vote for new Apache Flex committers and PMC members
E. Create an release candidate
Ans: B

99. You would use this syntax to embed asset.png in a StyleSheet:
A. @Embed(“asset.png”)
B. [Embed(“asset.png”)]
C. [Embed(source= “asset.png”)
D. Embed(‘asset.png’)
Ans: D

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100 TOP NETWORK ENGINEER Interview Questions and Answers pdf download

Read the most frequently asked 101 top NETWORK ENGINEER interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf

NETWORK ENGINEER Interview Questions and Answers List

1) What are the types of LAN cables used? What is a cross cable?
Types of LAN cables that are in use are “Cat 5” and “Cat 6”. “Cat 5” can support 100 Mbps of speed and “CAT 6” can support 1Gbps of speed.
Cross cable: Its used to connect same type of devices without using a switch/hub so that they can communicate.

2) What is the difference between a normal LAN cable and cross cable? What could be the maximum length of the LAN cable?
The way the paired wires are connected to the connector (RJ45) is different in cross cable and normal LAN cable.
The theoritical length is 100 meters but after 80 meters you may see drop in speed due to loss of signal.

3) What id DHCP? Why it is used? What are scopes and super scopes?
DHCP: Dynamic host configuration protocol. Its used to allocate IP addresses to large number of PCs in a network environment. This makes the IP management very easy.
Scope: Scope contains IP address like subnet mask, gateway IP, DNS server IP and exclusion range which a client can use to communicate with the other PCs in the network.
Superscope: When we combine two or more scopes together its called super scope.

4) What are the types of LAN cables used? What is a cross cable?
Types of LAN cables that are in use are “Cat 5” and “Cat 6”. “Cat 5” can support 100 Mbps of speed and “CAT 6” can support 1Gbps of speed.
Cross cable: Its used to connect same type of devices without using a switch/hub so that they can communicate.

5) What is Active Directory?
A central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. For example we can create, manage and administor users, computers and printers in the network from active directory.

6) What is DNS? Why it is used? What is “forward lookup” and “reverse lookup” in DNS? What are A records and mx records?
DNS is domain naming service and is used for resolving names to IP address and IP addresses to names. The computer understands only numbers while we can easily remember names. So to make it easier for us what we do is we assign names to computers and websites. When we use these names (Like yahoo.com) the computer uses DNS to convert to IP address (number) and it executes our request.
Forward lookup: Converting names to IP address is called forward lookup.
Reverse lookup: Resolving IP address to names is called reverse lookup.
‘A’ record: Its called host record and it has the mapping of a name to IP address. This is the record in DNS with the help of which DNS can find out the IP address of a name.
‘MX’ Record: its called mail exchanger record. Its the record needed to locate the mail servers in the network. This record is also found in DNS.

7) What is IPCONFIG command? Why it is used?
IPCONFIG command is used to display the IP information assigned to a computer. Fromthe output we can find out the IP address, DNS IP address, gateway IP address assigned to that computer.

8) What is APIPA IP address? Or what IP address is assigned to the computer when the DHCP server is not available?
When DHCP server is not available the Windows client computer assignes an automatic IP address to itself so that it can communicate with the network cmputers. This ip address is called APIPA. ITs in the range of 169.254.X.X.
APIPA stands for Automatic private IP addressing. Its in the range of 169.254.X.X.

9) What is a DOMAIN? What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup? Domain is created when we install Active Directory. It’s a security boundary which is used to manage computers inside the boundary. Domain can be used to centrally administor computers and we can govern them using common policies called group policies.
We can’t do the same with workgroup.

10) Do you know how to configure outlook 2000 and outlook 2003 for a user?
Please visit the link below to find out how to configure outlook 2000 and outlook 2003.http://www.it.cmich.edu/quickguides/qg_outlook2003_server.asp

11) What is a PST file and what is the difference between a PST file and OST file? What file is used by outlook express?
PST file is used to store the mails locally when using outlook 2000 or 2003. OST file is used when we use outlook in cached exchanged mode. Outlook express useds odb file.

12) What is BSOD? What do you do when you get blue screen in a computer? How do you troubleshoot it?
BSOD stands for blue screen of Death. when there is a hardware or OS fault due to which the windows OS can run it give a blue screen with a code. Best way to resolve it is to boot the computer is “LAst known good configuration”. If this doesn’t work than boot the computer in safe mode. If it boots up than the problemis with one of the devices or drivers.

13) What is RIS? What is Imaging/ghosting?
RIS stands for remote installation services. You save the installed image on a windows server and then we use RIS to install the configured on in the new hardware. We can use it to deploy both server and client OS. Imaging or ghosting also does the same job of capturing an installed image and then install it on a new hardware when there is a need. We go for RIS or iamging/ghosting because installing OS everytime using a CD can be a very time consuming task. So to save that time we can go for RIS/Ghosting/imaging.

14) What is VPN and how to configure it?
VPN stands for Virtual private network. VPN is used to connect to the corporate network to access the resources like mail and files in the LAN. VPN can be configured using the stepsmentioned in the KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305550

15) Your computer slowly drops out of network. A reboot of the computer fixes the problem. What to do to resolve this issue?
Update the network card driver.

16) Your system is infected with Virus? How to recover the data?
Install another system. Insall the OS with the lates pathces, Antivirus with latest updates. Connect the infected HDD as secondary drive in the system. Once done scan and clean the secondary HDD. Once done copy the files to the new system.

17) How to join a system to the domain? What type of user can add a system to the domain?
Please visit the article below and read “Adding the Workstation to the Domain”

18) What is the difference between a switch and a hub?
Switch sends the traffic to the port to which its meant for. Hub sends the traffic to all the ports.

19) What is a router? Why we use it?
Router is a switch which uses routing protocols to process and send the traffic. It also receives the traffic and sends it across but it uses the routing protocols to do so.

20) What are manageable and non manageable switches?
Switches which can be administered are calledmanageable switches. For example we can create VLAN for on such switch. On no manageable swiches we can’t do so.

21) What is NIC?
A network card, network adapter or NIC (network interface controller) is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network

22) What is USB?
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard to interface devices. Devices like Modem, Mouse, Keyboard etc can be connected.

23) Dialup vs. Broadband
A broadband connection (ADSL) provides high-speed Internet access over a standard phone line. The advantage of a broadband connection over a standard dialup service, is that Broadband is considerably faster, and is “always-on”, meaning that once you”re logged on, your PC is online until the PC is turned off again.
Broadband offer high-speed Internet access and allows telephone calls and a permanent Internet connection to share a single phone line simultaneously whereas in Dialup connection either Internet connection or telephone call can made at given time.

24) LAN and WAN
A local area network is a computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home, office, or group of buildings
Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that covers a broad area (i.e., any network whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries). Or, less formally, a network that uses routers and public communications links

25) Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office Access, previously known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system from Microsoft.

26) What is RAS?
Remote Access Services (RAS) refers to any combination of hardware and software to enable the remote access to tools or information that typically reside on a network of IT devices.

27) Difference between Client Mail and Web Mail?
Email clients download your emails onto your computer. Using a specialized email program such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail has the advantage of giving you complete control over your email; every email you receive is placed on your computer and you can keep as many large file attachments as you want.
Checking your email through our webmail is similar to using Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. You never actually copy your messages to your computer; in fact, you are looking at them through your web browser on somebody else”s computer. When you are not online, you are not able to see your email.

28) RAM and ROM
random access memory, a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly; that is, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes. RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers.
Pronounced rahm, acronym for read-only memory, computer memory on which data has been prerecorded. Once data has been written onto a ROM chip, it cannot be removed and can only be read. Unlike main memory (RAM), ROM retains its contents even when the computer is turned off. ROM is referred to as being nonvolatile, whereas RAM is volatile.

29) Spamguard
Spam Guard is an Outlook add-in that filters email that arrives in your inbox. If the sender of any message cannot be identified then the message is moved into a spam quarantine folder. Messages deposited in the spam quarantine folder can be inspected and either deleted or approved at your leisure.

30) Firewall and Antivirus
A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. All messages entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.
Antivirus is a software program which helps protect a computer against being infected by a virus.

31) DNS
Short for Domain Name System (or Service or Server), an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they”re easier to remember. The Internet however, is really based on IP addresses. Every time you use a domain name, therefore, a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address. For example, the domain name www.example.com might translate to

32) IPConfig
IPConfig is a command line tool used to control the network connections on Windows NT/2000/XP machines. There are three main commands: “all”, “release”, and “renew”. IPConfig displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values and refreshes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) settings. Used without parameters, IPConfig displays the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for all adapters.

33) Trace route
Trace route is the program that shows you the route over the network between two systems, listing all the intermediate routers a connection must pass through to get to its destination. It can help you determine why your connections to a given server might be poor, and can often help you figure out where exactly the problem is. It also shows you how systems are connected to each other, letting you see how your ISP connects to the Internet as well as how the target system is connected.

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17 TOP Latest Pascal Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

Pascal Programming Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

1. Why is the name pascal?
Pascal was named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who created a calculating machine (not a true computer).

2. What is standard Pascal?
Pascal is one of a series of languages put forth by one of the most prolific computer language creators, Niklaus Wirth, a professor at Institut fur informatik, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. Professor Wirth participated in various versions of Algol, a language put forth by international cooperation that introduced the basic concepts of structured programming to the world. Wirth terms Pascal as a descendant of Algol 60 (for Algol, 1960 standard). The “official” descendant of Algol 60 was Algol 68, famous for having assignment as an expression operator (a basic feature of the later language C). Wirth felt that the design committee for Algol, after Algol 60, was losing focus and creating an unnecessarily complex language.
While Algol W has had it’s fans, the language Pascal was considered to be a new high of consistent language design. The first draft of Pascal was created in 1968. The first compiler was operational in 1970, and the language was generally published in 1971. In 1973, after two years of testing and use, the language was revised into it’s final form. That was detailed by “The Pascal User Manual and Report”.

3. What is the history of Pascal?
Pascal is in the Algol family of languages. Algol, whose first version was called IAL or “International Algebraic Language”, was the first language created by international committee. The resulting language was rather odd for its time. The committee had the goal of designing a unified computer language, but also saw Algol as a way to cleanly express computer algorithms, and so was not directly concerned with creating a practical language for compilation. That is, the language would serve a purpose even if it was only used for publishing algorithms, not running them.

This resulted in Algol not having many data types, or built in I/O. Also, Algol was generally free of the limits common to programming languages of that time, such as number of array dimensions. One of the goals of Algol was for it to be as close to mathematical notation as possible. In particular, Algol used a special operator for assignment, ‘:=’, because ‘=’ had a different meaning in mathematics.

4. What are the different Pascal standards?
The original Pascal standard was an unofficial standard documented by the author, Niklaus Wirth, in “The Report”. The first official standard was ISO 7185 issued in 1983. This was followed by the extended standard, ISO 10206, in 1990. Another standard was the Object-Oriented Extension to Pascal. However, this standard was never finished, and was basically abandoned for lack of interest.

5. What is the current status of Pascal standards?
In 1989, ISO 7185 was revised to correct various errors and ambiguities found in the original document. This resulted in ISO 7185:1990.

6. What are the major dialects of Pascal in use today?
There have been many implementations of Pascal, both those that follow and those that don’t follow the ISO 7185 standard. For the most part, ISO 7185 was followed on large computer installations during the early days of Pascal (1973-1990), and some installations on microcomputers. The other dialect that became popular was the UCSD (University of California at San Diego) Pascal, followed by Borland’s Turbo Pascal. Although there are virtually no current implementations of UCSD Pascal, Borland’s products exist today for advanced IBM-PC compatibles under Borland’s Delphi name.
When the IBM-PC became 32 bit with the introduction of the Intel 80386, virtually all of the 32 bit implementations of Pascal on the PC were ISO 7185 conforming. However, there was a large shakeout of compiler vendors in the early 1990’s that removed many of these installations from the market.

7. What is IP Pascal?
A. IP is an interplatform Pascal. It supports the following platforms in its current configuration:
1. Windows/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
2. Linux/86.

A port for Mac OS X is under way, and a port for Sun Solaris/Sparc is planned.

IP both provides, and itself is run, on a set of porting modules that allow IP, and its client programs, to run on any of the supported platforms without source change. To move within operating systems on the same machine type, only a relink is required. To move within different CPU based systems, a recompile and link is required.

8. Can IP Pascal compile my Turbo/think/MWP Program?
A few Turbo Pascal “units” that aid program porting have been created, and these have shown to dramatically simplify porting from that language. Similar procedures will be used for other Pascals. However, these are just rapid porting aids, and these Pascals do not enjoy full language compatibility. There will always be a minimum amount of work required to change programs to work under IP. Further, porting using these units won’t give you a program that takes advantage of the features of IP, and I consider it to be only a step in the process of fully porting a program to IP.

IPs main focus is to be a language that is not tied to any operating system or hardware, and IP will, therefore, always be unable to fully emulate the machine dependent features of many Pascal implementations. The failure of many Pascals that are single machine based has shown that the future lies in very portable Pascal languages and compilers.

9. Why use the standard version of the language (when other dialects are more widely used)?
ISO 7185 standard is the original language as created by N. Wirth, more precisely defined and more secure than the original. The standard makers refrained from making large improvements or extensions to the language. In fact, because Pascal is one of the most carefully designed languages and also one of the most carefully standardized, there is a high degree of ability to determine, unambiguously, if a given program construct is legal according to ISO 7185 rules.

Pascal, almost from the first of its use, was widely extended and changed. One reason for this may be that the language was also very popular in compiler classes, and tended to produce many experimental versions.

The original language, Pascal/1972 or J&W Pascal, has been around since 1972, standardized in 1982, and only minor changes were required to programs to bring them into compliance with it (see below). The basis of the language is still very strong, and the ISO 7185 standard is freely available. Further, there are many books written with the standard in mind.

10. Why is nOt IP Pascal compatible with Turbo/Borland®/Dephi®/Kylix Pascal ?
A. IP Pascal was designed to follow the original Pascal standard since 1980, following Niklaus Wirth’s “The Pascal User Manual and report” [Jensen and Wirth] from 1974. In 1983, the ISO 7185 standard was released, and the minor changes to J&W Pascal were implemented in IP Pascal.

Unfortunately, none of the Borland products followed either the “User Manual and Report” nor the ISO 7185 Pascal standard, even though it preceeded Borland® implementations by a decade. Borland® products have a large user base, and we respect that, and hope to provide tools to convert user’s Borland® compatible products to IP Pascal for interoperation.

For IP Pascal to have been compatible with Borland® products, considerable changes away from standard Pascal would have been required. Also, since there is no official published Borland® language standard, there would be no way to guarantee perfect compatibility with Borland® products. Finally, IP Pascal is directed at a long term standard implementation. Borland® products have traditionally been machine and operating system dependent. The different Borland® products, Turbo Pascal, Borland® Pascal, Borland® Windows Pascal, Delphi® and Kylix, are not completely compatible with each other, and would have been a moving target during the many years IP Pascal has been in operation.

11. What does IP stand for?
IP was never coined to be a particular acronym. Present definitions are Internet Pascal, Intellectual Property Pascal, InterPlatform Pascal. The name IP Pascal was chosen to represent the flavor of today’s machine and process independent design processes.

As some of you may know, I am heavily involved in the networking industry. Internet Protocol was originally envisioned as a way to “bridge” different networks together. The principle was that one carefully constructed standard would be able to bridge any number of different networks together, and the overhead of a second level protocol would only be incurred once. This is much like saying that designing one standard plug, then designing a series of adapters to that plug from other plug types, can unify incompatible systems.
IP Pascal is definitely designed to do just that

12. Is IP Pascal new?
No. IP Pascal originated in 1980. IP Pascal is used here in electronic integrated circuit CAD programs. IP Pascal was written as a core in assembly language, but the majority of the system rewritten in Pascal by 1985. In 1987, like many other developers, I moved to the IBM-PC and began using off the shelf standard ISO/ANSI compilers. By 1990, I started to have extensive problems with Pascal vendors not keeping up with changing technologies, and foresaw the fallout of many existing vendors from the market.

At that time, I made a decision whether I would stay with my extensive code base in Pascal, or move to a more generally accepted language, most likely C. I decided that I would stay with Pascal, and take back control of our compiler as it was abandoned in 1987. That work was completed in 1995, in time for the advent of Windows 95. Since that year, the platform for IP has been extensively expanded.

13. What is the lifetime of IP Pascal?
Unlike many commercial products, IP Pascal is not designed according to the “hit software” mentality. I use IP Pascal here, I am its first customer. Because of this, I won’t be creating phone support for the product. IP Pascal will be supported by email, web site, and usenet forum without charges or restrictions. Emails will be typically answered within 48 hours.

Because this support model does not require hiring large support staffs (and then firing them later as demand decreases), there is no plans to limit or charge for support.

14. Should standard Pascal be used without extentions?
Recently, I have had some folks email me that they are surprised I am supporting advanced extentions for Pascal.

Pascal always had extentions. The original compiler created by Niklaus Wirth had extentions specific to the CDC 6000 series computers. The idea of the standard was never to forbid extentions, but rather that the basic implementation be as standardized across processors and implementations as possible.

In the old days of the mainframe and line printers, there was actually a chance that a program completely coded within the language standard would be all that was needed. Now, with advanced graphics and sound, and advanced devices like video editing, the general portable program is thought by many to be dead. I would say that nothing is further from the truth. We need clean and portable interfaces and programs more than ever. What has changed is that we rely more on library construction and interfaces. Windows, OS X and Linux/X Windows can be thought of as advanced intefaces with somewhat limited portability. Advanced graphics libraries such OpenGL are paving the way to new levels of functionality and portabilty.

15. What are the basic features of Pascal?
Pascal is a structured language, using if-then-else, while, repeat-until, and for-to/downto control structures. It differs primarily from proceeding languages in that data structures were also included, with records (a feature borrowed from COBOL), arrays, files, sets and pointers.

Pascal is also unusual for forging an effective compromise between language simplicity, power, and matching of language structures to underlying machine implementation.

Pascal also has many features for compiler writers. The language is constructed to have a minimum of ambiguity. Pascal, with few exceptions, can be processed “forward” with all of the smaller elements (like constants, types, etc) being defined before they are used. Pascal requires the types and exact sizes of operands to be known before they are operated on, again leading to simplified language processing and efficient output code (although this feature has often been called a problem). For this reason, Pascal still remains a popular language to implement compilers for as part of a compiler science class.

16. Is Pascal designed to be a teaching language?
This assertion has often been used to imply that Pascal is a toy language. I can’t state the answer any better than Niklaus Wirth himself did:

“Occasionally, it has been claimed that Pascal was designed as a language for teaching. Although this is correct, its use in teaching was not the only goal. In fact, I do not believe in using tools and formalisms in teaching that are inadequate for any practical task.” – Niklaus Wirth, from the 1984 ACM A.M. Turing award lecture.

17. What are the differences between apple Pascal and the standard?
Early Apple Pascal was based entirely on the UCSD system, and the same comments apply to it as to UCSD Pascal above.

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RedHat linux system administration Interview questions and answers pdf

Latest RedHat linux system administration Interview questions and answers, Most Frequently asked RedHat linux system administration objective type questions and answers

RedHat linux system administration Multiple Choice Questions List

1. John works as a Network Administrator for Perfect Solutions Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. He is working as a root user on the Linux operating system. He wants to add a soft limit quota warning for the users, in which, after exceeding the quota value, a user will receive e-mail warnings about being over quotA. Which of the following commands will John use to accomplish his task?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. repquota
B. quotaon
C. warnquota
D. edquota
E. quotaoff
Answer: C, D

2. Which of the following commands will you run to list all files that have been modified within the last 60 minutes?
A. find /etc -name *.txt
B. find start -dir -min -60
C. find start -dir -cmin -60
D. find start -cmin -60
Answer: C

3. You work as a System Administrator for McNeil Inc. The company has a Linux based network. You are a root user on Red Hat operating system. You have upgraded the amount of RAM in your system from 256 MB to 512 MB, but there is only 512 MB of swap space. Therefore, you want to add more swap space to /dev/hdb2 hard drive to run the applications that require a large amount of memory. Which of the following commands should you run to accomplish this task? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. mkswap /dev/hdb2
B. swapon /dev/hdb2
C. mount
D. parted
Answer: A, B, D

4. You work as a Linux Technician for Tech Perfect Inc. The company has a Linux-based network.
You have configured a database server in the network. Users complain that the server has become remarkably slow. However, the previous day, the server was performing well. You know that some of the processes may be the cause of the issue. You run the PS command on the server. In the result set, which information will you look at that suggests the problematic process?
A. A high load average
B. A high process ID
C. A low load average
D. A low CPU time
E. A high CPU time
Answer: E

5. You want only the root access in a Linux computer for maintenance purposes. Which of the following runlevels will you use to boot the computer?
A. 2
B. 0
C. 1
D. 3
Answer: C

6. Which of the following commands can be used to compress a file?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. gzip
B. compress
C. tar
D. zip
Answer: A, B, D

7. You work as a Network Administrator for Rick Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. You are configuring a Linux server. Which of the following bootloaders does not require to be rewritten after the configuration of the kernel has been changed?
Answer: A

8. Which of the following fsck commands will you use to check all filesystems listed in /etc/fstab?
A. fsck -P
B. fsck -f
C. fsck -A
D. fsck -y
Answer: C

9. After enabling shadowed passwords in a Linux server, where does Linux keep the passwords?
A. /usr/shadow
B. /etc/passwd
C. /usr/passwd
D. /etc/shadow
Answer: D

10. You work as a Software Engineer for McNiel Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. The company has 150 Engineers. The root user has configured quota limits for each user. You want to view quota limits for your system. Which of the following commands will you use to accomplish this task?
A. repquota -a
B. quota -v
C. quotacheck
D. edquota
Answer: B

11. Which of the following commands is used to create a user account for a new user?
Answer: C

12. You work as a Network Administrator for Tech Perfect Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. You are configuring a server that will be used as a file server. You want to install an RPM package, named FILELOCATOR, on the server. You want to check whether the package is already installed. Which of the following commands will you use?
B. find -q rpm | grep FILELOCATOR
C. rpm -qa | grep FILELOCATOR
Answer: C

13. By default, which of the following commands configures the current run level?
A. chkconfig
B. pstree
C. service
D. ntsysv
Answer: D

14. When installing RHEL in the graphical interface, which of the following switches can be used to specify a resolution?
A. lowers
B. vnc
C. resolution
D. skipddc
Answer: C

15. You work as a Network Administrator for Net World International. The company has a Linux-based network. You want to upgrade an RPM package and get the status during the upgrade. Which of the following commands will you use to accomplish the task?
A. rpm -ivh
B. rpm -evh
C. rpm -qvh
D. rpm -Uvh
Answer: D

16. John works as a Network Administrator for Perfect Solutions Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. John is working as a root user on the Linux operating system. He wants to run the cc process at runlevel three. If the order of execution of cc command is 43, which of the following commands will John use to accomplish his task?
A. ln -s /etc/init.d/cc /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/K43cc
B. ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/cc /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/K43cc
C. ln -s /etc/rc.d/cc /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/s43cc
D. ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/cc /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S43cc
Answer: D

17. Which of the following commands displays a module name or filename and associated information, such as the authors name, license, description, module version, dependencies, parameters, etc?
A. modprobe
B. lsmod
C. modprob
D. modinfo
Answer: D

18. After creating the swap area, which of the following commands will you need to run to start using it?
A. mkswap
B. mkfs
C. swapon
D. swapoff
Answer: C

19. You work as a Network Administrator for Secure Web Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. The network has a mixed set of client operating systems. You want to format a new hard disk drive. The drive will have only one partition. Both the Linux and Windows operating systems will access the partition. Which of the following file systems will you use?
Answer: A

20. What is the minimum RAM requirement for installing Red Hat in GUI mode?
A. 1GB
B. 512 MB
C. 128MB
D. 64MB
Answer: C

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TOP 10 Six Sigma Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

Latest Six Sigma Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf list

1. One of the deliverables from the Control Phase is:
A.A sustainability plan
B.Validated root causes
C.Output indicators
D.All of the above
Ans: A

2. Six Sigma can be defined as:
A.A summary statistic
B.A representation of variation
C.Permission to improve processes
D.All of the above
Ans: D

3.The acronym DMAIC stands for:
A. Develop, Metrics, Analyze, Implement, Contain
B. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
C.Define, Metrics, Analysis, Implement, Control
D. None of the above
Ans: B

4.A main role of the project Champion is to:
A.Be a cheerleader for the team
B.Remove roadblocks
C.Perform statistical analysis
D.Develop the control plan
Ans: B

5. Six Sigma projects should be selected from:
A Projects where the root cause is known
B Projects that are management “pet projects”
D.Projects where there is a lack of data
Ans: C

6. The main purpose of the Define Phase is to:
A.Select a project
B.Get agreement on the project’s purpose, goals and opportunity
C.Select a team
D.Decide on which data to collect
Ans: B

7. What is the relationship between the Critical Customer Requirement (CCR) and Voice of the Customer (VOC)?
A.The CCR and VOC are the same thing
B.The VOC is translated into the CCR via the key customer issue
C.The VOC comes from the customer and the CCR comes from marketing
D.Both the VOC and CCR come from the sponsor
Ans: B

8. The purpose of tollgate reviews is to:
A.Ensure the project stays on track
B.Reinforce priorities
C.Allow management to show their continued commitment
D.All of the above
Ans: D

9.The main purpose of the Measure Phase of DMAIC is to:
A.Determine the customer requirements
B.Find root causes
C.Develop solutions
D.Set baseline data to understand how the process is currently performing.
Ans: D

10.Which elements are required to calculate Sigma?
A.Number of defectives and range
B.Process performance and customer requirements
C.Cycle time and quality
D.Number of employees, number of customers
Ans: B

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What is an Evil Twin Attack? | Wifi mcqs

A. An attack that mimics your MAC address to enter your network
B. An attack that denies service to your router
C. An attack that creates a mock website to trick a user into divulging secure information
D. An attack that copies all of the files from your router to a secondary hard drive on a hacker computer and then harvest information continuously on your browsing activity

Ans: C

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Which wireless protocol uses TKIP? | Wifi mcqs


Ans: B

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Why is WEP security not as strong as WPA or WPA2 even though the code key is longer? | Wifi mcqs

A. WPA uses tunneling protocols
B. WEP sends authentication codes with each packet
C. WEP lacks the ability to use special characters
D. WEP is not compatible with Windows 7 or Mac OS

Ans: B

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