TOP 15 MatLab Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 15 most frequently asked matlab multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

MatLab Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What does Matlab stand for?
  2. What symbol precedes all comments in Matlab?
  3. Which of the following is not a pre-defined variable in Matlab.
  4. This Matlab command clears all data and variables stored in memory:
  5. Characters in Matlab are represented in their value in memory.
  6. Which is these is not an aspect of a for/while loop:
  7. To better manage memory and prevent unnecessary memory allocations, Matlab uses:
  8. To print a newline in a fprintf statement, you must use the following escape character:
  9. In Matlab, this keyword immediately moves to the next iteration of the loop:
  10. Which of the following will correctly define x, y, and z as symbols?
  11. Which of these is the way to access the first element in a vector named v (assuming there is at least one element in the vector)?
  12. Which of the following is used to see if two elements are equal in MATLAB?
  13. If vector = [1 2 3 4; 11 24 92 100; 345 65 90 1]. What will the value of a be equal to if this code is entered into MATLAB >>[a b] = size (vector)?
  14. What is the value of ans that is printed when the following code is run: isnumeric(32)
  15. If I want to save a formatted string to memory, but don’t want to print it out, which command should I use?

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